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What is the added value of working with the ZIV GROUP?
The added value is that we work together with the client to discuss the clarity and accuracy of thei...

How do you calculate your costs?
Costs are based on the standard ITA rates, taking into consideration any special requirements in term...

About Us
Company Profile
The ZIV GROUP Ltd. was established in 2003 by Ms. Micaela Ziv of the Sieff-Marks family, the founders of the famous British retail chain Marks and Spencer.
As Director of the ZIV GROUP Ltd. she is dedicated to maintaining the family tradition of high quality, reasonable prices, reliable service and an overall dedication to excellence.
Micaela Ziv, Director
Former chairperson of the Israel Translators Association and current head of the Accreditation sub- committee, Micaela is one for the first members to obtain the certificate of Recognized Translator. She has over 25 years experience in translating, editing and English language teaching, pedagogical development and training for some of the foremost public and private institutions. She holds an MA degree in Philology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her knowledge of 6 languages enables her to understand the perceptions that non-English speakers have of English language material.
Tsvi Bisk, Deputy Director
A member of the Israel Translator's Association, Tsvi has over 20 years experience of research, writing, translating and editing a wide range of published material for numerous public and private institutions. He has published over 100 articles and essays in Hebrew and in English, giving him insight into cross language comprehension. He has recently published his second book: The Optimistic Jew A Positive Vision for the Jewish People for  the 21st Century, Maxanna Press, 2007.
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