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What is the added value of working with the ZIV GROUP?
The added value is that we work together with the client to discuss the clarity and accuracy of thei...

How do you calculate your costs?
Costs are based on the standard ITA rates, taking into consideration any special requirements in term...

The ZIV GROUP Ltd .  offers translation, editing and content consulting services.
With high-quality translators working in a wide variety of languages, and with a range of different specializations, we can offer your enterprise a total solution to your translation and editing needs.
Our philosphy in a nutshell :
How you present your materials in a foreign language is no less important than the product, service or image you wish to present. We endeavour to work with our clients on a long-term basis in order to offer them all the advantages of the knowledge usually found in an in-house translator, while maintaining all the financial advantages of outsourcing. 

The ZIV GROUP Ltd . is proud to announce the expansion of its Pedagogical Consulting services to include the admnistration of the international TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge and TFI examinations in Israel.
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